Friday, April 17, 2009

Love My Wife's Ass!

To start things off, I have my wife dress up as a sex kitten; high heals, garter, stockings, and a tight little crop top that can be untied in the front for quick access to her tits. Her face is made up with just a little bit too much rouge to give her extra red cheeks, and she uses hot pink lipstick on her full luscious lips (to make that mouth look great when she wraps those lips around my cock!). She has blonde shoulder length hair that hides her face just a little when she turns her head to look backwards over her shoulder (I like to see her face when I slip my cock up her ass).

I have her strut real slow around the room to some sexy music, watching every curve of her body move (especially her ass). The 5 inch stiletto heels make her ass stick up and out, oh such a sexy walk, makes her look like she's ready for a good screw just flaunting that ass of hers! I have her rub her hands all over her body, yes everywhere, her tit's, her ass, her hot pussy, and she starts to get herself hot & wet! After getting hard as a rock from watching her put on a little show, I have her take her top off and play with her tits. She rubs her nipples, and this makes her feel great (and starts her up moaning and groaning which I love to hear!). I have her take her hand and put it inside her thong and let her play with herself. Her legs are spread a little as she stands there in her high heels feeling herself up. The heels put her thighs and calves in just the right sexy position and her ass sticks out just right, which looks soooo hot!

I then have her lean forward on a dresser, spreading her legs and arching her back, looking slightly back at me over her shoulder. I rub my face in her ass cheeks (obviously she just had a bubble bath and smells great all over!). From that point I pull down her thong (making her wiggle her ass to and fro, back and forth, to get the straps down, I deliberately pull her thong down slow to make her wiggle her hips and ass around more than she needs to...what can I say, I like to watch her ass move!). After pulling down her thong, I put my face back in her ass cheeks, just breathing her in as she stands there in that sexy position, her legs slightly spread, her back arched, her hand playing with her pussy. Her motors really starting to run now, she's moaning a lot more.

Once I've had my fill of stuffing my face in her butt cheeks and breathing her in, I lead her over to the bed. Kneeling on the bed, she has her ass in the air and her head down on the pillow, her head is turned sideways so I can see her face. I always like to watch my wife's face as I first start to gently stick my cock in her ass, slowly penetrating her tight asshole. The head of my cock slips off her closed asshole into her but cheek crack because her hole is so tight, so I grab my cock and hold it right on her asshole, pressing the head of my cock firmly by gently into her tight ass. My wife let's out a groan as the head of my cock opens up her tight hole. I'm kind, I go in and out slowly at first, getting her used to my throbbing cock in her ass (yes, I use a little motion lotion to make it nice and slippery). She gives me a look of someone that is definitely into taking it up the ass! The pinched eyes, the luscious pink lips on her mouth slightly open saying "oooohhhh". Once she loosens up, I start pumping a little harder and deeper.

From the first moment I slip my cock into her ass, she moans. As her head is turned sideways, I can see her face. Careful to keep my cock up her ass, I lean over to put my mouth to hers, breathing in those moans (and kissing her, with my tongue in her mouth, so I can feel her moan)! Keeping my face close to hers I have her say over and over, "oh fuck my ass...deeper....and harder", which comes out of her mouth in a gasping moaning sort of way. I thrust my cock harder and deeper in her ass, she moans and gasps more, I keep putting my mouth over hers to taste her moans as they eminate from deep within her. Sometimes it feels like I'm almost inside her head when I'm tasting those moans. I thrust my cock in her ass harder, faster and deeper....she gasps and moans more. Sometimes she tries to pull her mouth away from mine to get a breath of air, but I keep a good grip on her blonde hair and hold her tight, our mouths interlocked, the moans just bursting to escape her pink lips. Eventually I pull my mouth away letting the moans burst loose. I pull slighlty away so I can see her face give those screw me in the ass I love it type expressions and knowing that she loves taking my cock deep up her ass to please me....

I'm nice, instead of coming up my wife's ass and giving her a cream pie, I pull my cock out of her asshole and ride the now slippery crack between her butt cheeks. I was about ready to cum when I had my cock up her ass, so it only take a couple of strokes between her cheeks to make me blow my load in her ass crack. YUM! I love my wife's tight ass (and of course the gasping moans)!!

The above is all true sex action for me and my wife....I do have a fantasy though.....I want to have a couple over. They would be sitting there after a nice dinner and drinks, unsuspecting as my wife comes out all dressed up in her sex kitten outfit. I'd have her put on a sex show for us (feel herself up, play with her nipples, strip down and play with a dildo in front of us). After her little show, I would then do the same "drill" of taking her up the ass, with the added twist that the other couple would be sitting there watching. When she really starts to moan a lot, I'd tell the other husband to unload his pants and stuff his cock in my wife's panting mouth. My wife's moaning sounds would be slightly muffled by my friends cock stuffed in her mouth (but definitely still audible as his cock goes in and out of her mouth with a wet slobbery sound). I would make her moan more by going deeper and harder with my cock up her ass. My friend would grab my wife by her head, pushing her head further over the shaft of his cock making her deep throat him while she's trying let out her gasping moans. He would then finally pulls his cock out and sprays jiz all over my wife's face giving her a chance to finally open up her mouth and let out some gasping moans as I jam my cock hard in her ass up to it's hilt. Oh my sweet hot & horny sex kitten wife, take my cock deep and hard in your ass and let me hear your moans of ecstasy as I screw your tight ass tonight!! And of course put on a little show for the surpised couple in attendance and suck some cock! Oh, and the other lady in attendance, she's there taking pictures and filming my wife's uninhibited sexual play so I can watch a repeat performance in high def!

(Hmm, maybe I should show off the high def video of my wife to a few friends, get them interested in a repeat live performance. I might even be nice and let a friend take my wife up the ass. Watching her twist and moan with someone else's cock up her ass might be fun. If I felt left out, I could always jump underneath and screw her wet pussy, that way I'd see her facial expressions up close while she was getting fucked up her ass by someone else! But I wouldn't be able to kiss her and breath in her moans if I had a third friend there stuffing his cock in my wife's mouth! Hmm, I think my wife could handle 3 cocks at in the mouth, one in the pussy, and one stuffed up her sweet bung hole!)

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